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Sydney Legal Market Update: Legal Support Staff

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The last financial year was a busy year in the legal support space. In particular, the start of 2017 heralded a significant increase in the number of legal support roles on offer, with high demand for quality candidates. This trend was evident in firms at all levels ranging from internationals and top-tiers to mid-tiers and CBD boutiques. As the 2017/18 financial year begins, this trend is expected to continue with many of our clients still actively recruiting in a number of areas. In particular, there is high demand for candidates with experience in insurance and workers’ compensation. This trend is evident across both plaintiff and defendant firms.

As per usual, intermediate level candidates with 2-4 years of experience are in high demand across all practice areas. This pattern shows that firms are continuing to focus upon longevity, aiming to hire candidates that will stay and grow with the firm.

The real challenge for law firms in 2017/18 will be their ability to attract and retain quality talent. Over the past year, the salary expectations of candidates have continued to rise. The salaries offered by law firms, however, have not increased accordingly. Consequently, many good quality candidates are moving to other industries. Thus, firms that are able to offer quality financial and/or other incentives will thrive in the present market.

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