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Legal Personnel’s Top 5 profile tips to get you noticed

Did you know that job seeking is one of the most common and beneficial uses of LinkedIn? That job opportunities can come to you? Are YOU using LinkedIn to its full potential? LinkedIn has over 380 million members and is one of the most popular social networks for professionals. Connect and share content with other professionals, including colleagues as well as potential employers. Legal Personnel’s Top 5 profile tips to get you noticed:

Complete your profile: Recruiters and employers use key words when searching for the perfect candidate. List every job you have held and your day to day duties.

Advise what area of Law your expertise is in: If you are a career legal secretary/pa, listing what area of law your experience is in can be all that sets you apart from other candidates.

Connect connect connect: The more people you connect with the more visible you will become in searches. Join groups and networks. You’d be surprised how many recruiters and employers scan groups to find good candidates.

Customise: Make your profile look professional - LinkedIn allows you to customise your public profile URL.

Personality: Make sure your profile photo looks professional and a true representation of you. Also add some personality with a tasteful background photo. Your career starts here… Don’t go unnoticed or miss out on your dream job.

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