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Market update: is now a good time to look for a new role?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

This is a common question being asked by candidates at present and in simple terms, absolutely.

We are all aware that the Christmas break is fast approaching (even though it is still October!). However, the suggestion that law firms are becoming reluctant to take on new staff at this late stage in the year is stretching things to the extreme. In our experience and looking at current activity within the Sydney legal market, there are no signs of recruitment slowing down. There are a great number of roles available at present and the real issue remains finding candidates with the relevant experience for each role. This is why now is such a great time for candidates to consider a move.

At worst, you will get a better understanding of the current market, appreciate where you stand in terms of finding that next role and be in a fantastic position to move quickly when exciting new roles become available later this year and into early 2018.

At best, you could be looking at a starting a fantastic new role offering:

  • More complex & challenging work

  • Greater autonomy

  • More responsibility

  • Increased pay and/or

  • Better work/life balance.

Whatever your motivations, now is a great time to explore new opportunities. So if you are interested in finding out, please get in touch.

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