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Your CV is a reflection of you!

So why not present yourself in the best possible way!

As legal recruiters, we review many CVs daily so have put together a Top 10 list of what would get you noticed and a Top 10 list of what to avoid.

Top 10 list of what to include on your CV:

  1. If you’re a lawyer, one of the first dates we look for is when you were admitted to practice, so make sure you include this date and have it at the top of your CV, in bold, so it is immediately visible.

  2. Contact details including phone number and email address.

  3. Always ensure your CV is current, including where you are currently employed. Keep your CV in reverse chronological order.

  4. If you have worked within a law firm, write what area of law the firm specialises in and which department you worked in.

  5. Months and not just year you were employed in each company.

  6. Bullet points. This makes your CV easy to read without scrolling through a paragraph to find the relevant information.

  7. Keep your sentences short. Leave gaps in between each place of employment. The format of your CV is important and makes it easy for the recruiter to read your CV amongst hundreds.

  8. Highlight your achievements. Most jobs include the same duties but your achievements are an indication of the impact that you had.

  9. Don’t forget to mention if you changed roles within the same firm, specifically a promotion.

  10. Add a few personal interests and hobbies at the end of your CV. A few points that gives us an insight into your interesting personality.

Top 10 list of what to avoid on your CV:

  1. Photos. They are distracting and unnecessary.

  2. No colour. Much like a photo, it is distracting and unnecessary.

  3. If you are university qualified, write the degree you have, where you attained it and the dates.

  4. Keep your details current and don’t leave date gaps. If you took a year off to explore the world then write that.

  5. No boarders. Ensuring your text is aligned is sufficient and will make your CV easy to read. Avoid tables. They take up too much room and make you CV difficult to digest and read.

  6. Avoid long chunks of text. Your duties and responsibilities should be an indication of what you have done, not every fine detail.

  7. Don’t change your font throughout you CV. Presentation of your CV is just as important as the history of your employment.

  8. Aim for a professional tone and avoid using humour in your CV.

  9. Don’t forget to spell check before submitting your CV. Too often I come across spelling mistakes or poor grammar. Have someone review your CV for you.

  10. Lastly, don’t make your CV longer than 2-3 pages. Unless you are a very senior candidate, then a maximum of 4-5 pages should be your limit.

For more details, contact us on (02) 9252 0345.​

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