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Opportunity knocks…

When looking for a new role, most, if not all candidates, have a very clear picture of what they are looking for: more complex work, a more social environment, greater career progression, increased professional development etc. Whilst understanding the reasons and motivations behind your new search are extremely important, it is also important to be flexible and open to opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

For me, the key stage in the entire process is the interview(s). That may sound extremely obvious but often candidates forget that interviews are a two-way process. The employer is there to consider and identify the best candidate for the role. However, equally, the candidate must take the opportunity to explore and consider whether the employer and the role are the right fit for them. This is why it is crucial for candidates not to limit their opportunities at an early stage by choosing not to attend interviews.

For some candidates, this clear picture about the ‘next role’ means that they are unwilling or unable to consider alternative options, that is, they lack flexibility. This can be hugely detrimental to the candidates’ long-term career objectives and result in them missing out on potentially better suited opportunities.

So my advice in general terms to candidates who are unsure about whether to interview or not, is to take the risk and meet with the law firm in question. This will allow you to get a far better understanding of the role, the firm and the opportunity on offer. The worst-case scenario is that you lose 45-60 minutes of your day and move onto new opportunities. On the other hand, it may just be the best risk you take in your career and lead to the dream role you never even knew about. After all, you only regret the things you don’t do in life.


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