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How to help new employees to succeed

The hiring process doesn’t simply stop once a candidate has been placed. Rather, significant emphasis must be placed upon ensuring that new employees succeed. This not only boosts productivity but also increases the likelihood of the employee staying for a significant period. As most of us know, a high staff turnover rate is costly both financially and in terms of time whilst it may also deter future candidates from applying to your company. Thus, an ability to minimise failures is essential.

Here are our tips for giving your new employees the best possible start:

  1. Invest in training – don’t simply give new employees a training manual and hope for the best. Investing in an extensive training manual that new employees may refer back to will have a huge impact in the long run. You may also like to consider splitting the training load amongst the team. This will enable the new employee to pick up on different approaches to the job whilst also becoming more familiar with their colleagues.

  2. Manage expectations from the start – a great way to do this is organising a monthly meeting to discuss goals and progress. Quarterly reviews often catch employees off guard, particularly when an issue has built up over time. By having regular, informal conversations, you will be able to create an atmosphere of an open door policy thereby allowing employees to feel more comfortable about raising any issues or concerns.

  3. Assign a mentor – mentoring is essential for employees at all career levels. It allows new employees to ask questions as well as gain support, knowledge and encouragement to best achieve their goals.

Finally, remember that new employees also bring their own skills, expertise and experiences to the company. By allowing new employees to feel comfortable and speak up, you may discover new approaches to old tasks that may be more effective or efficient.


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