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How to secure the ideal job: support staff

Employers consider a broad range of factors when recruiting for a particular position. First and foremost, a candidate must have the desired skills and experience. Thereafter, personality and cultural fit are extremely important. This arises, as there will often be multiple candidates that satisfy the criteria for a role. Thus, the key differentiator is usually whether the interviewers believe that a candidate will fit in with the team. Accordingly, it is essential that candidates showcase their positive and friendly personalities during interviews.

There is also an emphasis upon longevity. Candidates with 2-4 years of experience are usually in high demand as employers wish to hire talent that will stay for a significant period and contribute to the firm’s continued growth. Longevity also brings significant benefits for candidates. In particular, firms are increasingly embracing technology to offer greater flexibility. For example, long-standing employees may find that firms will accommodate work-from-home arrangements and shorter days where appropriate. Other benefits on offer include private health insurance, gym membership and social events that boost team morale.


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